November 28th, 2011

Casey Slater doing a Sumo Deadlift High Pull!!

Workout: (repeat….bring your journals!!)

10 Sumo HP

15 Wall Balls

**you will complete one round for time….write your time down and then complete 3 more rounds descending your times each round. 30 sec rest in between each round  (You will add the total time of the four rounds)…you will do this process over again descending four rounds again. (you will add the total time of these four rounds) … the last section of the workout, you will take the slowest of the total times (which you calculated from the first two sections) and complete the 4 rounds again WITHOUT any rest….trying to get the total time from above.



1.) Class is regular this week….except Friday morning, where everyone is invited!! We will meet at the regular spot. IT IS NOT A POOL WORKOUT.

2.) Sign-ups for the next session will be at the front desk on December 2nd.

3.) Next session begins December 19th, 2011. We will not have class the week between Christmas and New Years….however, I will be planning one workout that week that everyone will be invited to attend.


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