October 26, 2011

Nancy Raineri at the top of a great lookin' push up!!

Technique: Sumo High Pull Deadlift


10 Sumo HP

15 Wall Ball

**Complete one round at steady pace….get your time….on 2nd round you will try to get a faster time, on 3rd round you will try for an even faster time…4th round you will try for an even faster time…you will then repeat this sequence again…total of 8 rounds. You will have 30 seconds rest in between each round…one minute rest after round 4**


Deadlift: …..Just a little extra info! (I think it is important you guys know why we are doing these lifts!)


This is such a simple move, but does so much for us! The deadlift has an amazing capacity to increase your strength from head to toe. Don’t let the word “dead” skew your perception of the lift.


In its practical, functional sense, the deadlift is the safe and sound way any object should be lifted from the ground. Proper technique must be used…for several reasons: safety, engaging proper muscles, and the potential to lift heavier weight. The heavier your deadlift becomes, the better your other lifts become, the better your running becomes, etc. Don’t be afraid to lift heavier, just do it with safety and mindfulness. The benefits are amazing! You really are able to lift a lot more than you think…mainly due to the whole-body nature of the movement and the set up of the body during the movement. Just be smart about it. Actually, done properly, no other lift will protect the back from the potential injuries of regular life and sport.


The following are some points to remember when doing the lift. Try to stay aware of them while working out!


  • Feet directly under hips
  • Grip right outside hips
  • Arms stay as straight as possible..Triceps engaged
  • Keep chest lifted
  • Brace core (pull ribs in and down, engage lats, tight back)
  • Keep muscle tension in legs (engage hamstrings, glutes)
  • Keep weight in heels
  • Keep bar close to the legs and also have it travel in a straight line




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