August 31, 2011

That was a great workout today and last night!! It is very difficult to keep up the intensity for that long!! I hope all of you wrote down your final score….it will be a great benchmark to have.


wall ball/push press/box jump/burpee/sumo deadlift high pull

**you will spend one minute at each station completing as many reps as possible in the one minute….you will then write the reps down on your paper and immediately go to the next station for another minute…there will be 3 rounds total and you will add the total number of reps for all 3 rounds…you will have one minute of rest in between each round**

Workout (tomorrow):

AMRAP 20 minutes

9 thrusters

9 pull-ups

run to the adult center


1.) Everyone is invited to class this Friday morning!! Bring your suit…and if you object to the pool….there is always other options!! The more people the better!! It is a lot of fun!!

2.) There will not be any class on Labor Day.

Karen Painter warming up!

I also wanted to pass along this website which contains an interesting article about weight loss. Thanks Dede!

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