July 20, 2011

Recap of recent workouts:


20 wall balls

20 burpees

20 wall balls

30 push-ups

20 wall balls

40 sit-ups

20 wall balls

50 squats

Workout: (repeat)

21 thrusters

15 pull-ups

9 dumbell swings

6 burpees

**Complete 4 rounds**


Tomorrow’s workout: (repeat)

5 stations -Deadlifts, push-ups, running, squat, pull-up

**you will be paired with a partner. Each station will be 5 minutes long. One partner will complete 15 reps while the other partner rests…as soon as one is done with 15 reps, the other partner will take their turn. This pattern will be done for 5 minutes at each station. The only station where reps will not be counted is the run. (this is a continuous 5 minute run) Teams will keep track of their reps and have a grand total after all 5 stations!!
Box Jumps!!

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