July 7, 2011

Brigid Cope!!

Welcome back after the July 4th break!! I know the workout was extremely challenging……and you all did an incredible job!! The silence in the room immediately following the workout was a testament to the mental and physical effort put forth by all of you. You should be stoked with your performance!! I know I was!! Welcome back Michelle Keefe from Italy!!

Just a recap of the workout:

15 deadlifts (75-80% of max lift)

12 wall balls

9 burpees

**AMRAP 20 minutes**

Tomorrow’s workout:

21-15-9-15-21    (of the following exercises)

sit ups/push-ups/jumprope/front squat/pull-ups/box jumps/burpee/mountain climbers/push-press

**Let me know in the next two weeks if you are able to make our CrossFit rafting trip…..right now we have about 15 people going. It is going to be a blast!!**

Also….if you have any interest in the CrossFit Games, which will be held the last weekend of July, you should check out the CrossFit Games website to see what has been happening!! These videos are always a great way to see good range of motion and good form! Each athlete has a judge…so there is no room for imperfection!!


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