June 15, 2011

Carol Opsahl coming all the way up on a sit up!!

Great start to the session everyone!! I like how you guys are taking the technique seriously. It is crucial to maintain our midline stabilization during these exercises!! 


  • We will not have class Monday evening June 20th. I am throwing a surprise 60th birthday party for my mother and need to be in Murphys by 4:30pm. We will make up this class on the end of the session.
  • We will not have class Monday, July 4th. We will also make up this class at the end of the session.
  • I also encourage you to go to Crossfit’s main site….there is a link on this blog. You can find a wealth of information and knowledge about our program and why we are doing all of this!! They have great videos of exercise demonstrations. The CrossFit Games are right around the corner, and there is a bunch of videos and information about the event. ….where the outcome names the “fittest person” on the planet!! It could be really interesting for you guys to watch some of these elite athletes….but also know that this is for anyone who wants to take their fitness to the next level!!

Technique: Deadlift, pull-up


There will be 5 stations….Deadlift, squats, pull-ups, push-ups and running/walking.

I will break up the class into 5 teams (A-E) Each team will also be divided evenly. The teams will work for 5 minutes at each station. During the 5 minutes, the team will take turns doing 15 reps of the stated exercise while the other half of the team rests. You will continue this sequence for 5 minutes and count the total number of reps for each station. The team with the most reps at the end of all 5 stations wins!! The run will be the only station where reps are not counted….this will merely be a 5 minute run for all who are at the station!!

Bring your journals!! We will need to keep track of our reps. Looking forward to this. See you tomorrow!!

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