May 26th, 2011

Karen Carter

Hey everyone!! Sorry the website is not up to date!! I am still have issues with the way all my info was transferred to the new computer. This is a big test of patience!!

We are in our 5th week. Next week will be our last week! We will not have class on Memorial Day….this will be made up on Thursday. So, next week the evening classes will be held on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evening. There will be no changes to the morning class.

The next session begins June 13th. Class times are as follows:

Mon/Wed/Thurs @ 5pm

Tues/Thurs/Fri @ 8am

**Remember, you have the option of taking 2 days/wk or 3 days/wk. I would suggest 3 days, and I believe those of you who have been taking 3 days/wk can see the difference!! You can always bring someone for free to come see what this is all about! You all continue to inspire me everyday!! Keep up the incredible work!


10 deadlifts

10 burpees

10 rounds

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