April 22, 2011

Jeanne Duffer....working those infamous burpees!!

It is almost time!! I miss all of you….looking forward to next week!! Here are a couple more workouts to try.

Home workout:

100 burpees for time    (DO IT!!! You will feel such a sense of accomplishment!) Do it in front of your kids or your spouse…they will be so impressed!

Gym workout:

Max deadlift

**start at a moderate weight and to 5 reps…then add 5-10 pounds each round and always do 5 reps…..keep adding weight until you can only get 1 rep**

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2 Responses to April 22, 2011

  1. Michele says:

    Ok, thanks for the challenge! Here was my workout today. I am very fortunate to have wide open Tarmac here at work (Columbia Airport):
    Warm-up 1 mi run
    100 burpees for time (8:06)
    100 KB swings (15#)
    100 sit ups
    40 tricep pushups
    40 tricep dips
    50 air squats
    and a whole lotta stretching for cool down.

    See you next week!!

  2. crossfitssfc says:

    did you do that all in one setting???

    you are inspiring!!

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