April 11, 2011

My son Rajah...had to put it in because he hit his first homerun!!

Technique: Review of lifts we learned this session


20 pull-ups

30 push-ups

40 sit-ups

50 squats

**complete 4 rounds**  **we are really going to push full range of motion!!**

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6 Responses to April 11, 2011

  1. Karen Painter says:

    Congratulations Rajah!!!

  2. dede moreno says:

    awwwwe, That is the cutest shot! It sure puts a smile on my face to see Rajah be the home run king!

  3. Melissa Rogers says:

    Wow!!! By far the hardest workout yet. Thanks Allison for being there to help push me through when I don’t think I can do another rep.

  4. crossfitssfc says:

    Melissa and John….that was an outstanding effort!! You guys give me just as much inspiration!! Let’s continue the energy into the morning crew’s workout!!

  5. LeAnn Castleberry says:

    Good job Rajah and what a great pic! Allison, thanks so much for being so encouraging during those TOUGH workouts. You’re a gem.

  6. crossfitssfc says:

    LeAnn….so glad to have you a part of all this….keep it up!!

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