January 22, 2011

Get ready for a another repeat workout!!

25 Jump rope

25 lunges w/plate overhead

25 front squat

25 push-ups

25 deadlifts

25 burpees

25 sit-ups

25 squats

**4 rounds**

**On the first round you will do one exercise (ie: 25 jumpropes), then rest for 30 seconds, another exercise (ie: 25 lunges w/plate), rest for 30 seconds and so on. On the second round you will complete 2 exercises (ie: 25 jumpropes, 25 lunges w/plate) and then rest, 2 more exercises (ie: 25 front squats, 25 push-ups), then rest, and so on. On the third round you will complete 3 exercises (25 jumpropes, 25 lunges w/plate, 25 front squats), then rest 30 seconds, 3 more, then rest 30 seconds, and so on. On the last round, you will complete all the exercises without stopping. ****

See you Monday!!

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