Allison Autrey

I, Allison Autrey, am your host, to guide you through all of your CrossFit questions…if you ever have a question at the gym or on the site, please feel free to email

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3 Responses to Allison Autrey

  1. Karen Painter says:

    Allison; You are a awesome Cross-fit Host and Guide. Thank you very much for all your hard work!! I look forward to many more cross-fit classes!!

  2. Steve Lampl says:

    Congratulations on affiliation, Allison. I know a ton of hard work and planning went into this! What another great testament to health and wellness in our community!

  3. dede moreno says:

    Every time I think I can’t do something or do it as well, I think of Cross Fit and how far I have come since I started. Everyone who has stuck with it over the past year is stronger and more determined to raise the bar in their personal fitness level. Thanks to the excellent coaching and encouragement from Allison. The support from each person in the class provides the necessary “push” to finish the WOD. Thanks!

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